ToYo Brotherhood is a very active branch. We are constantly looking at taking bigger steps in supporting various theatre groups and artists/ teachers of all art forms. We encourage creative people to spread creativity in unique and diverse forms.

Under the Brotherhood branch, our objective has always been to support, encourage and spread art forms to people. This objective has resonated and echoed through various productions and artists in Bangalore and has made the initiative much more capable in hope and scope.

Bringing together people and artists in such a creative fashion has brought us tremendously overwhelming responses and even more opportunities. Some of the activities we have undertaken and supported are seen on this page in its full vibrancy and enthusiasm.

If you are artist and wish to help us help you reach out to people with your art, develop coursework and workshops and any other aid, please reach out to us through the Contact Us page.

If you are a visitor, audience or an artist and wish to contribute a little something towards this initiative, please visit the Support Us page. Artists and art need as much preservation as encouragement. We hope you can help us serve the society and build it through art.