We Need Your Help!

Unfortunately, only a few countries all over the world have realized the scope and power of what theatre can do for the society – as a source of entertainment but mostly as an introspective and transformational experience. 

The field has not seen growth and reach despite the possibility it has, because of lack of funding. 

Around the world, the funds available for doing good theatre and opportunities provided to widen its scope are minuscule or concentrated in limited areas/production houses. 

Due to this, many good productions either don’t see the light of the day or don’t get enough audience to reach to. This is why, we urge you to support theatre, not just financially but in any way that is possible for you. 

If you feel that we have struck a chord, or have liked our productions and wish to donate to us financially, please connect to us. You can also contribute directly on this portal through the details available on this page.

Thank you for encouraging, loving, and supporting theatre and Theatre On Your Own. We will make sure it is worth it!

Contribution Details:

UPI: – stage4toyo@okhdfcbank
Paytm/ Gpay Number: +919880396255

For any queries, contact: stage4toyo@gmail.com